Color Frenzy

Version 1.1

Your Camera is Now a Game!

Color Frenzy challenges you to use colors in the world around you to advance in this innovative new game. Push your creative limits as you experiment with lighting, shadows, and auto-exposure to match colors with your camera.

  • Match colors of real objects to game tiles
  • Use color bombs to clear the entire screen
  • Play 30 levels of increasing difficulty and color variety
  • Enjoy playful music and sound effects
Available on the iPhone

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (4th generation), iPad 2 Wi-Fi and iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G. Requires iOS 4.0 or later. Built-in camera also required.

Camera Button

Aim the camera at different objects to change the color of this button. Press it when it closely matches the color of the tile you want to remove.


Great matches earn 10x more points. Get two, three, or more matches in a row to further multiply your points per color match.

Special Tiles

Don't let the screen fill up! Use color bombs to clear the screen in a pinch. Don't make too many color mismatches in a row, or penalty pieces will appear.


Very fun game!

- Pwner72

A camera phone game that gets you off the couch!

This is an excellent game for young and old. Parents will love seeing their kids getting exercise while playing the game! I see myself enjoying Color Frenzy and trying to stay on top of the leader board. I'm taking the Color Frenzy challenge to use the colors in my world to sharpen my creative skills. Simply addictive!

- BUDDii57

A novel game

Amid hundreds of "me too" apps, this is a new and novel concept. Bonus points for originality!

- Rustcycle


This game is super fun to play. I love that it is a game you move around to play. It's so fun to search for color matches! I've found that my kids toys, especially the baby's excersaucer is a great source!

- Cswb57

Very original and fun to play!

The further you go the harder it is to put down. It took a bit to get the hang of it but now I can't put it down! Lighting can be a lot of fun to play with in order to make a whole new group of colors. My kids have a lot of fun trying to help me get the colors too! My son loves this game and is constantly beating my scores! I love that it is different from every game out there and it gets us moving around and getting creative! Definitely a must buy!

- Gamingmommy721

a skudio original

How are colors calculated?

As you move the camera around, the button color changes to an average of all pixels in the camera view. When pressed, the game looks for tiles with similar Hue, Saturation, and Brightness (HSB or HSV). Tiles with similar HSV values are considered matches and are removed from the screen to earn points.

Why is my color not matching?

Make sure you're matching with the color of the object as it appears on-screen instead of how it looks in real life. Also make sure you're only pressing and releasing the button when it has turned to a color similar to one of the tiles in the game. For more help, see the tips listed on this page.

Why did I get points for a color that didn't seem like a match?

Sometimes the game's color-matching algorithm is more forgiving than your eye. Or, for example, you may have found a color that doesn't closely resemble a game tile in saturation, but does closely match it in hue and brightness.

Do you have any tips for color matching?
  • LIGHTING - Color Frenzy is best played in an area with good, but moderate, lighting. Lighting too bright or too yellow may wash colors out or change their saturation. Lighting too dim will also limit color matching possibilities.

  • SHADOWS/HIGHLIGHTS - To get darker shades, try working with shadows on objects. For lighter colors, experiment with the camera's auto-exposure by quickly moving from dark to light, if a suitable bright color is not available.

  • SATURATION - Translucent objects, like colored plastic bottles, are often a handy way of getting highly saturated colors. Saturation can also be affected by moving an object further away from the camera to allow the screen to blend in colors from surrounding objects.

  • HUE - If having trouble getting the right hue (tone) on an object that seems to clearly be a good match, try briefly moving the camera away to an item of a different hue to allow the camera to readjust its white balance. Another option is to fill the screen with the object in question and allow the camera to adjust, while experimenting with how much light is let in between the camera and the object.

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Color Frenzy Screenshots

Color Frenzy 1.1

Available on the App Store 12/21/11
  • Now FREE!
  • New level progress meter.
  • Improved tutorial text.
  • Help page now directly links to FAQs on website.

Color Frenzy 1.0.1

Available on the App Store 12/2/11
  • Fixed image bugs for non-retina displays (i.e., 3GS).
  • New icon, splash screen, and color bomb image.
  • Adjusted curve of game timer increments on level up.
  • Fixed game timer bug on game win.
  • Adjusted time and usage thresholds for "Rate this app" alert.

Color Frenzy 1.0

Available on the App Store 11/17/11
  • Color Frenzy is now available on the App Store.

Color Frenzy 1.0

Submitted for review 11/10/11
  • Color Frenzy has been submitted to the Apple App Store for review.

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